The vista from the top of Bergriviernek

I live in Somerset West, a town not far from Cape Town, South Africa, together with my wife and two children. We live high up in the foothills of the Helderberg Mountain, and it's a short run from our front door to the beautiful Helderberg Nature Reserve which is our happy place. My wife and I are both avid trail runners (follow me on Strava!) and the kids are starting to show an interest in running too.

The outdoors is really our main recreation, and there are wonderfully scenic hikes and runs in the area. The photo shows an early-morning view from Bergriviernek in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve not far from where we live. During the school holidays we usually go camping (we love the Garden Route), or visit my in-laws' family farm in the Great Karoo, where peace comes dripping slow.

I love reading, although I find the pressures of work have diminished my ability to just get lost in a novel. I've always enjoyed programming as recreation, and if I have a leisurely hour I'll probably be hacking away at whatever fascinates me at the moment. I am a seasonal rather than dedicated gamer, with periods where I'm obsessed with a grand strategy or 4X game, and other times when I just want to build MTG decks or play Dungeons & Dragons with the kids. I'm gvrooyen on Steam (as on most other places) if you'd like to connect there.